Archive: August, 2014


When people say Bankruptcy, they usually mean a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Chapter 7 just refers to a section of the legal code that deals with the different types of bankruptcy.  For short hand purposes is also called liquidation.  You basically put all your assets in one pile, your ... Read More


For whatever reason, you are thinking about bankruptcy assistance for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, covering about 99% of the people out there, is in your future.  Here are some tips to save you some pain and to avoid wasting money. DO: Save up a little bit of money (at ... Read More


There are several reasons people file bankruptcy.  The usual reasons people cite are medical bills and job loss.  These are what you will see when people are looking to score political points or argue for this or that new law or regulation.  However, what I think these studies ... Read More

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