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Do you need legal representation for a financial or civil case? If so, contact our Visalia law firm today!

Do you need legal representation for a civil or financial case, but don’t necessarily want to hire a large, big-name law firm? Do you want to be treated as an individual and not just a number? If the answer is yes to these questions, contact the professionals at Labiak Law Group, today. As a leading local law firm in Visalia, we’re dedicated to giving you the attention you deserve.

The Labiak Difference

At Labiak Law, we start from a position of respect and understanding for each client. We make sure we go over the details each client’s case, and we work hard to get to know your individual wants and needs throughout the legal proceedings. When Stephen Labiak founded Labiak Law, he established a firm based on the idea that attorneys should be easy to talk to, easy to get ahold of, and fight hard for each client.

We reject the typical attorney stereotype. All attorneys at Labiak Law take pride in standing up for the “little guy.” If necessary, we will take risks in order to bring our clients justice, and we won’t shy away from a fight. Whether it’s for a bankruptcy claim, a professional debt consolidation or negotiation, or a civil lawsuit, Labiak Law will have your back.

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To receive a free consultation with Stephen Labiak, contact our Visalia law firm at (559) 274-5145.  

When you call Labiak Law, you will speak directly with attorney Stephen Labiak. We don’t filter communication through a staff member or secretary. You are paying for an attorney, and so you will always communicate with one of our experienced attorneys.



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Text the attorney at 559 274-5145. Include your name (at least the first) and ask your question and he will respond.


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