Civil and Interesting Cases

Let Fresno’s leading civil case lawyers in Fresno, Visalia, and Tulare fight for your rights and best interest.

Civil court cases typically occur when there is a dispute between two or more parties surrounding a business conflict, property issue, or societal conflict that the opposing sides cannot settle for themselves. There are several reasons to file a civil lawsuit ranging from:

  • Lost money
  • A broken contract
  • Dissolving a marriage or partnership
  • Property damage
  • Replacing a fiduciary
  • Suffering a physical injury

At Labiak Law, we have the best civil case lawyers in Fresno, Visalia, and Tulare. Our expert attorneys take on civil cases for individuals who are owed money or feel they have been misled or wronged.

Why We Help

Our civil case lawyers are passionate about representing cases that protect the rights of the  “little guy”. We aren’t afraid to take risks in order to seek justice.  We have years of experience successfully representing people who need assistance defending their rights.  Simply put, you hire us to care more than you do, to fight harder than you do, and even worry more than you do.  Rest assured, we are not your typical law firm.

How We Help

If you are owed money by someone that refuses to cooperate with you, or if you feel that you have been misled or wronged in a business, property, or societal situation, call  the Law Offices of Stephen Labiak for a free consultation, today. When representing you we will:

  • Use our years of experience and expertise to evaluate your case
  • Thoroughly investigate the incident to determine fault
  • Arrange expert testimony to point out where and how faults were made
  • Craft a compelling case in the courtroom and fight on your behalf in the negotiating room

When partnering with Labiak Law, you can have peace of mind knowing legal experts have your back. Whether you’re in Fresno, Visalia, or Tulare, our civil case lawyers are here for you. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.  

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