Are you seeking legal representation for financial or civil reasons? If so, contact our Fresno law firm, Labiak Law, for experienced attorneys, today!

Are you seeking legal representation for a financial or civil case? Are you hesitant to hire a high-priced law firm to handle your case? Do you care about being treated like an individual and not just another client? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to contact the professionals at Labiak Law Group, one of Fresno’s leading local law firms.

The Labiak Difference

At Labiak Law, we pride ourselves in treating our clients like they deserve and making sure we fully understand our client’s individual case, along with their wants and needs throughout the legal proceedings. Stephen Labiak, the founding attorney at Labiak Law, established the firm on the basis that attorneys should not only fight hard for their clients, but they should be easy to talk to, and easily accessible.

In addition to breaking the typical attorney stereotype, attorneys at Labiak Law are also proud to stand up for the “little guy.” We aren’t afraid to take risks if it means getting our clients justice and we don’t hesitate to fight when necessary. Whether you need legal guidance for a bankruptcy claim, want the help of a licensed legal professional for debt consolidation or negotiation, or seek professional representation for a civil lawsuit, Labiak Law has your back.

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Contact us to speak directly with Stephen Labiak about your case and to recieve a free consultation. Labiak Law wants to hear from you so call our Fresno law firm at (559) 274-2868.

When you call Labiak Law, you will speak directly with attorney Stephen Labiak. We never filter your case through a secretary or staff member — you always communicate with an experienced Fresno attorney.



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